Nov 20 - Day 5
Women in tech and global transformation

Keynote (pre-recorded)

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Keynote: Shuoyang (Sunny) Zhang, United States, Z LAB Global, George H. W. Bush Foundation
Interviewer: Gitta Peyn

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4:00 pm CET
Panel Discussion (Live Stream)

Gitta Peyn,
Dr. Karambu Ringera,
Annie Wang,
Yonah Welker,
Shuoyang (Sunny) Zhang
Martin Geisenhainer,
Barbara Zuber
Online Forum Expert:
Mark Damon Harvey,
Ulrike Krämer
Chat Moderator:
Sören Krüger
Session Facilitation:
Claudia Lutschewitz,
Sylvia de Vries

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5:00 pm - 7:00 pm CET
Breakout Sessions

Gitta Peyn, Dr. Karambu Ringera & Annie Wang

Session Facilitation:
Martin Geisenhainer


Yonah Welker & Shuoyang (Sunny) Zhang

Session Facilitation:
Barbara Zuber


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