„Only communities willing to engage in new conflict lines, supported by strong individuals, emancipated in their own semiospheres, will create emergent solutions in and for the unknown. And only such communities can uphold their values of co-creation...“

— Gitta Peyn

Larnaca Conferences Online
November 2021

What do we have to expect from the future?

Larnaca conferences, established in 2018, focus on THE prevailing topics of our age. They function as a social sculpture. The goal is not necessarily to find more answers, we have enough of that. What we need is active, intelligently directed interaction between people of different backgrounds, education, worldviews. What we need is human superintelligence.


Saturday, Nov. 6

4-7 pm CET

Climate catastrophe
How our current thinking and acting is terminating our future
Speaker: Dr. Martin Frick
Martin Frick
Sunday, Nov. 7

4-7 pm CET

How and why the growth motivated and globally ruling economy of today fires our waste of energy and natural resources and thereby eats up our means to build the infrastructure of renewable energy for the future
Speaker: will be announced soon
Saturday, Nov. 13

4-7 pm CET

The importance of constructing education systems, social architectures and communication networks which effectively and in reality enable us to work for a sustainable tomorrow
Speaker: will be announced soon
Sunday, Nov. 14

4-7 pm CET

Mass migration and social identity conflicts
How misunderstood identity creates ever growing social conflict: isolationism, racial prejudice, inequity …
Speaker: Gitta Peyn
Gitta Peyn
Saturday, Nov. 20

4-7 pm CET

Global women entrepreneurship
How women around the world are creating sustainable differences in environmental, political and social climates and green economies.
Speaker: will be announced soon
Sunday, Nov. 21

4-7 pm CET

Pandemics and metracrises
The long term damage of pandemics and metacrises to our psychological and social health and how to respond with multiresilience
Speaker: Dr. Stavros Malas
Dr. Stavros Malas
Saturday, Nov. 27

4-7 pm CET

The reality of tomorrow's AI & robotics
Differentiating self-serving and illusive dreams from factual models and actual possibilities
Speaker: will be announced soon
Sunday, Nov. 28

4-7 pm CET

The future of humankind
Self developing and self adapting societies and psyches in order to survive need to find and tackle unknown frontiers, mount unfathomed enterprises, confront incalculable risks: why are we trying to avoid recognizing this historical fact? why are we doing what we are not doing?
Speaker: will be announced soon

Why „Larnaca Conferences“?

Anyone who has flown over Cyprus sees the effects of climate catastrophe, resource exploitation and predatory capitalism from above: The land is brown, the sea is dead, and looking across the Mediterranean we look down on streams of refugees, economic warfare, and foresee a global population explosion coming with increasing prosperity, presenting us with challenges we cannot possibly meet alone.

Larnaca as a symbolic place of our time

Larnaca, Cyprus, is more than just a symbol of what is to come. Larnaca can teach us - like Israel and many other places on earth - what it means to live with wars, with disasters, with corruption and with crises, but also with hope and art, with science, with cohesion and beautiful cooperative people. Crisis experience is what we need.

Larnarca Map

Participants find new questions

For this reason, once a year since 2018, scholars, artists, economy experts, activists, politicians, journalists and people from the street meet to find new questions, to discuss the important problems and challenges and opportunities, and most importantly: to open up new lines of conflict in a transdisciplinary way.

The Larnaca conferences function as a social sculpture. The goal is not necessarily to find more answers, we have enough of that. What we need is active, intelligently directed interaction between people of different backgrounds, education, worldviews. What we need is human superintelligence.

Accompanying the conferences, publications of the conference topics will be published by Carl Auer Verlag as yearly eBook and in Carl Auer Magazine starting in 2021.


Looking forward to a coffee break in Larnaca in 2022

In addition, starting in 2022, participants will meet every late winter in Larnaca for a coffee break extended to two days, because we all know: When it comes to innovation and creative contact, it is the coffee breaks that make the difference. We are people. We work best together when we take time to be human, to gather, to have some fun, to relax, to learn from each other and then create something grand.

The regular yearly conferences take place online.

Come and join the discussion with experts from all over the world!


Larnaca-Conferences for FORMWELT Online
Come and support one of the most ambitious projects since THE invention of printing

It is about communication based on understanding. It is about concept clarity. It is about people working together for a sustainable future. It is about systemic education for all, about cost reduction, about saving valuable resources.
This year's Larnaca Conferences are entirely at the service of FORMWELT Online. All fees will be devoted to the development of a software that supports communication and understanding.

Let's build together a platform for human superintelligence, human superempathy, human multiresilience.

FORMWELT, that means starting at the bottom, at the root of the problems: At the way we think and communicate.

  • Your investment as keynote speaker

    Put three and a half hours of your valuable life time in the service of building an online platform that enables fundamental systemic education and understanding-oriented communication about a universal reference system to all people worldwide.

    Your keynote will be the subject of discussion at the conference in question, and together with other experts you can then get into exchange with all the other participants, answer their questions and talk with them about their ideas and yours.
    The Larnaca conferences are about exchange, about human encounter, about real-life collaborative conversations.

  • Your investment as panelist

    Support the construction of FORMWELT Online with three hours of your valuable life time and enter into a dialogue with other experts and conference participants to discuss the topic that is close to your heart. Your expertise will thus help to deepen the keynote topic and you can support other conference participants to deepen their own knowledge.

    The goal of the conferences is to work transdisciplinarily and develop new lines of conflict. Therefore, we focus on meeting at eye level.

  • Your investment as sponsor

    FORMWELT Online will be the platform for intelligent, collaborative, systemic togetherness. Based on FORMWELT, every user learns directly and incidentally to think systemically and to communicate in an understanding-oriented way.

    Promoters of the platform are curators of global education of the next generation and curators of international understanding with highest concept quality.

    With your financial support, children and adults worldwide will enjoy a universal reference system that empowers them to tap into potentials that have been lying dormant.

Yes, fantastic! I want to support FORMWELT!

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We know time and money are life energy - and we appreciate you helping us to help the world to tackle the big challenges intelligently.

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